E. Loss of finger or toe DD FORM 2807-1 MAR 2015 d. Tumor growth cyst or cancer DoD exception to SF 93 approved by ICMR August 3 2000. REPORT OF MEDICAL HISTORY This information is for official and medically confidential use only and will not be released to unauthorized persons. OMB No* 0704-0413 OMB approval expires Oct 31 2017 The public reporting burden for this collection of information is estimated to average 10 minutes per response including the time for reviewing instructions searching...
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Who needs a DD Form 2807-1?

A person wishing to enter military service should complete DD Form 2807 1 known as the Report of Medical History in order to pass a review of their medical history.

What is DD Form 2807-1 for?

A DD Form 2807-1 is a Department of Defense form is used for gathering medical information for applicants to military service. The form is used by military physicians to determine if an applicant can be accepted or should be disqualified on medical grounds.

An additional collection of information using this form takes place when a Medical Evaluation Board is convened to determine the medical fitness of a current member and if separation is warranted.

Is DD Form 2807-1 accompanied by other forms?

The fillable form DD 2807 1 does not require the support of other documents and can be submitted as it is.

When is DD Form 2807-1 due?

The DD 2807 1 form does not have a deadline for the submission and can be submitted at any time when a person wanted to join the ranks of the armed forces.

How do I fill out DD Form 2807-1?

The submitter must answer a questions on the following topics:

  • Applicant’s personal information;
  • Service to be applied and purpose of examination;
  • Questionnaire designed to compile all available information on the health status and previous diseases;
  • Written comments on the questionnaire, if positive answers were given;
  • Examiner’s summary (should be filled out by the examiner only).

Where do I send DD Form 2807-1?

Completed and signed by the examiner, this form remains in the Department of Defence office to which this form was submitted.

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Instructions and Help about form 2807 1

Laws calm legal forms guide a DD form 2807 - one is a Department of Defense form used for gathering medical information for applicants to military service the form is used by military physicians to determine if an applicant can be accepted or should be disqualified on medical grounds the DD Form 2807 - one is available on the Department of Defense documentation website or can be supplied to the chain of command before filling out the DD form 2807 - 1 you must first read the disclaimer and understand that you must answer truthfully to all questions or face criminal charges first fill out your basic information in boxes one through four providing your name social security number and contact information put the examining location in box 5 giving the address of the location provide the information required in boxes 6 through 9 stating the military branch you are applying for component and purpose of the form next provide your position usual occupation current medication and allergies boxes 10 through 19 asks you to indicate whether you have a history of specific medical conditions or illnesses go through each medical issue and answer yes or no for each you must fill in the corresponding bubble for each medical issue do not leave any answers blank you must answer yes or no to each issue if you answer yes to any question in boxes 10 through 19 you must provide an explanation of the medical condition in the provided space in box 29 or attach additional sheets explaining each yes answer questions 20 through 28 ask additional personal questions which you must answer yes or no for each question on the second page provide your name and social security number at the top a physician must attest to your answers in boxes 10 through 28 the physician may provide additional comments in box 30 adding additional information that they feel is important the examiner must sign and date the second page the DD Form 2807 - one is now ready for submission to the Department of Defense for review of your medical history to watch more videos please make sure to visit dot-com